How to make money from a free blog without spending anything

Some time back, you construct your first free blog. You have been blogging for some time now and you’ve understood that individuals are enjoying your substance. You have utilized every single social medium stations including Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp Telegram, and so forth to get perusers and your traffic has improved. At that point something hits your psyche, how might I profit from a free blog.

There are ways you can profit from a free blog, however the amount you can make can be extremely constrained particularly in Kenya. Have you ever known about the expressions “nothing goes for nothing” and “lose cash to profit”? Indeed, even in blogging, you have to contribute some cash other than difficult work, to earn substantial sums of money. Notwithstanding, we will arrive.

For the present, gives up straight on the best way to profit from a free blog

  1. Use Blogger to make your free webpage

I recently assessed the top stages for making a free blog and one of them was Blogger. Notwithstanding its numerous cons, Blogger has one gigantic preferred position over the others; you can begin profiting after you make a free blog. Since Blogger is claimed by Google, it utilizes one of its promotion stages; AdSense, to show advertisements on your free blog.

You are paid by the quantity of impressions and advertisement click made through your site, which implies you, need great traffic to acquire well from this site. Ordinarily the normal expense per 1000 impression is 1 dollar and cost for every snap differs to a great extent relying upon your intended interest group


That is practically the most straightforward approach to profit from a free blog. It’s straight forward and you can begin making some great coins at the earliest opportunity. However you create great traffic for you to acquire well.

The following are different techniques you can actualize to profit yet they are hard due as clarified

  1. Sell Digital Content:

You can compose a book, manage or any advanced substance on a subject that you are an ace in, transfer them on a free document facilitating administration like Dropbox or Google Drive, construct a decent ad page on your blog, give an installment technique like M-Pesa and offer the download connection to individuals who buy your work

Notwithstanding, for individuals to purchase anything from you should have an awesome notoriety on the web and you cannot get such with a free blog. What’s more, in particular, Kenyans once in a while purchase computerized digital books and such, they’d love free stuff.

  1. Subsidiary Marketing

This is where bloggers are paid commissions on deals alluded through their web journals. Just high and quality traffic can promise you will profit through this implies. Additionally, a stage like WordPress limits the sorts and number of volume of offshoot interfaces with the expectation of complimentary sites

  1. Gifts and Tips

This includes giving an installment technique to guests who discover your work rousing to give or tip you. Once more, this technique expects you to be so acceptable and uplifting in your work that somebody feels constrained to tip you. It exclusively relies upon the leniency of your perusers for you to acquire anything and you realize how extreme it is in Kenya.

There are more techniques you can take a stab at utilizing to profit from a free blog. Be that as it may, most require authority, traffic, and experience which you won’t have during your initial not many long stretches of blogging.

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