Who said you can’t make your own biryani? Try this recipe by Chepchikoni

What are you having for lunch?

Biryani by Chepchikoni

Biryani by Chepchikoni

Shy of thoughts for lunch or supper? As usual, we got you and we got stunning thoughts. On the off chance that you have been longing for making your own biryani at home, this is a fantasy worked out for you.

Chepchikoni imparted a biryani formula to us and you can generally check out it. It’s straightforward and you don’t need to a cook to make some yummy biryani.

Here it is:


Instructions to make biryani (Flavouroma)

Step by step instructions to make biryani (Flavouroma)

½kg hamburger or goat meat

500 ml maziwa mala

2 cylinders tomato glue

4 cloves garlic

1 teaspoonful ginger

1 teaspoonful cumin seeds

1 crude pawpaw (discretionary)

1 teaspoonful pilau masala

Cooking oil

½ teaspoonful dark pepper entirety


5 onions hacked in a roundabout shape

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Biryani by Chepchikoni

Biryani by Chepchikoni

In a bowl, blend your meat, salt to taste, maziwa mala, ginger, garlic, cooking oil and mesh in the white piece of your pawpaw. The pawpaw is for mellowing the meat particularly hamburger. In the event that you are utilizing goat meat, you don’t need to utilize pawpaw.

In the wake of blending, let it sit in the cooler for 2-7 hours.

In a dish, heat the oil, put in the onions and fry until brilliant dark colored.

Put the onions in a safe spot

Presently, take your meat marinade and put it in a cooking pot. Cook on medium warmth until the meat mellow.

Include your tomato glue and mix till blend changes shading to red-orange.

Presently include your pilau masala, dark pepper and cumin seeds. Blend altogether and let it cook on greatest warmth.

Following five minutes, mix and include the ¾ of the onions and the oil you had saved. Blend well for two minutes and the nourishment is in the same class as prepared.

Setting up the rice

Uncooked rice(Medical News Today)

Uncooked rice(Medical News Today)

For your rice, heat oil in a skillet, include two sound leaves, two cinnamon sticks and mix.

Presently include 1 cup of rice and salt at that point blend well.

Include two cups of water and mix. Lessen the warmth and spread.

At the point when the rice is going to evaporate, blend ½ tablespoonful brilliant yellow nourishment shading and 2 tablespoonfuls of water. Blend well and pour in the rice shaping a cross example.

Following one moment, pour the staying seared onions over it and let the rice sit for five minutes.

Utilizing a fork, blend the rice so half is white half is yellow.

Serve your biryani and appreciate.

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